TravelScrap HQ currently accepts guest posts on a limited basis.

I’m happy to offer TravelScrap HQ as a platform for you to spread your brilliance and promote your work.

To submit your guest post pitch:

  • Email hello [at]
  • Include a brief summary of your post idea (or the entire text if it’s already written). This would also include relevant links/info if the guest post is meant to promote a specific product/service.
  • If your post is not highlighting a travel scrapbooking project, please include a couple sentences about how your post might fit with the existing blog content.
  • Include a brief autobiography (and include any applicable social media links)
  • If applicable, please advise of any desired post publication dates/deadlines

I’ll try to review any submissions within a week of receiving your email.

(Not trying to be a stickler, but if your email doesn’t meet these guidelines I will simply delete it without response.)

If your pitch is accepted, I’ll work with you to nail down dates, specifics and any needed edits.

Guidelines for the content itself:

  1. The post must be your own original work and not appearing anywhere online. By having your guest post published on TravelScrap HQ you are granting exclusivity of the content, as well as permission for us to repost it via our Instagram and newsletter.
  2. The post should be useful and give readers some kind of take-away. Curated Etsy treasuries, “home inspiration” photos collected from Pinterest and similar posts will not be accepted.
  3. You are responsible for all proof-reading, spelling, grammar.
  4. Please write and format your post in your own blogging software and simply email me a .txt file with the html code
  5. Please include 1-2 images that you own the copyright to – think particularly of images that would be good for Pinterest.
  6. Please include a short 3rd person bio to go at the end of the post. This should include a couple good links to your online presence. If you’re having trouble with this step, I recommend About You, an eresource from Campfire Chic.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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  1. Brittany Milliner

    I am not sure I completely understand the directions above, as far as Etsy related pictures. I do have my own blog ( but I also have samples of my work in my Etsy shop (ScrapbookWorthyB) to show what range of work I can do, are these photos ones that are or are not acceptable for submission? Thank you for your time!

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