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Photo Album: Alaska Cruise

I love Blurb. Not only have I ordered 4 books from them in the last 6 months, but I’m also an affiliate I love them so much.

It’s long-ish (over 8 minutes), but you’ll see the finished, printed copy of my Blurb book chronicling my Alaska vacation from last summer.

The highlights of the video:

  • I love the image wrap option, with the photos printed directly on the hardcover
  • The quality is solid. You are not going to have pages fall out like I’ve heard other book companies have happen (I even shake the book in the video)
  • There ARE errors in this printed book. But they are MY errors. Blurb printed exactly what I sent them – which unfortunately I didn’t look at carefully enough
  • I love the template options for the pages; I love that I can design my own templates for the pages and I love that Blurb’s design software SAVES my templates so I can reuse them (in the video you’ll see examples of my templates and of Blurb’s)

SO, press play! Take a look!

What is your favorite photo book company?

AmyPhoto Album: Alaska Cruise

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