Inspiration: Travel Scrapbooking from around the world

Geralyn (project above) is one of my new favorite scrapbookers! She recently posted about her Taiwan minibook (6×8):

The number of travel minis I want to make is getting a bit out of hand, so I decided to start with my most recent trip for my latest mini-book project. Thanks to a photo print sale at Costco, I got all my Taiwan photos printed and ready for this album about a week after my trip – probably a personal record! This was a fun project to put together – manageable in size since it was only a four day trip – with plenty of photos and memorabilia to document.

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 Kelly Purkey is killing it with her process videos:

Being at home for an extended amount of time means getting to work on making stuff and one thing on my very long list is the album for my Asia trip. I’m super excited to dive into this, especially after getting my order of prints back from Persnickety Prints last week. Let’s go!

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Campfire Chic has uncovered some of her grandmother’s travel albums from 1953:

She created a very detailed scrapbook that documenting a visit from her parents before her first baby was born. She included very detailed journaling next to each photo, brochure, and token included in the scrapbook. She included a table of contents at the front of the book documenting the road trips and day trips they took all over California as a “pre-baby” vacation.

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Vintage travel scrapbook

Athletes Abroad has written about The Art of Keeping a Travel Journal:

As an athlete living overseas we see a lot when we travel for matches and I didn’t want to find myself 25 years down the road wishing I would have written down more memories and collected more things.

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Travel scrapbooking inspiration

What are your favorite sources for travel scrapbooking inspiration?

AmyInspiration: Travel Scrapbooking from around the world

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