big bear minibook

Minibook: Big Bear Weekend

Andrew and I had just a short weekend off together so we didn’t go very far! I am so excited to share with you my Big Bear minibook! It is 4×6 …. and *nearly* every page is a photo. With some hand-written journaling periodically throughout. It’s really just a stack of photos bound with rings.

The front cover is repurposed from a 4×6″ mixed paper book I bought from Elise last year (not currently available). It’s a lovely thick fabric, with the blank label included, and cardboard back cover.

Below, you can find a small selection of the layouts included – photos taken with my iPhone, Andrew’s iPhone and my dSLR (go here to see ALL the photos we took in Big Bear). I included business cards and a map of our hotel, and Andrew has promised to do a little bit of journaling in the book for me (he’s the best).


big bear minibook

Where are you going for your next weekend trip?

AmyMinibook: Big Bear Weekend

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