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Resource: 27 Travel Journal Writing Prompts

While a trip is still fresh in your mind, it may seem silly to record the details but it won’t be long before the details are forgotten. Relive your trip for many years by using these writing prompts to help you record those details:

  1. Write about your anticipation. What are you looking forward to most and least, before you go.
  2. Save your packing list. List the items you are packing before you leave.
  3. List the events of each travel day. Write in a journal a simple list of the events of the day.
  4. Record your timeframe. What time did you leave for the trip?
  5. Record the costs. Record how much you paid for your travel activities, lodging, transportation and souvenirs.
  6. Write about things you wished you could bring home with you. Were there souvenirs you couldn’t afford or were too big?
  7. Record your purchases. What did you buy?
  8. List your regrets. Did you pack too many clothes? Do you wish you’d brought a backup camera? Do you wish you’d packed extra batteries?
  9. List everything you lost during the trip. Did you have to replace anything? Was anything stolen?
  10. Record what or who you missed most during the trip. Was it hard to be away from home?
  11. Write what how your expectations were different from reality. Was it different than you expected?
  12. Save the details you planned before you left. What did you plan before? Did you book transportation or hotels/B&B? Did you plan your route?
  13. List everything you’re thankful for. Challenge yourself with how many things you can write each day.
  14. Document the animals you see. Were the animals different from what you see at home?
  15. Write about the advice you were given before you left. Was the advice helpful?
  16. Record the highs and lows of each day. What was the best and worst parts of the day?
  17. List the songs, movies or books you listened to and read during your trip. Even better, rate the songs and books and write a short review.
  18. Document your interaction with local people. Could you understand them? Did you need to ask for directions? Did you attempt an unfamiliar language?
  19. Record conversations. What did you hear people talking about?
  20. List what you missed. What did you not get to see or do that you wanted to?
  21. Document a typical day. When did you usually wake up, eat breakfast, how did you travel and how much money did you spend, etc.
  22. List any major news events that happened during your trip. Where were you when those events happened? Did any world events affect your travels?
  23. Record the weather. If you write daily, you could make a small note at the top of each page about the days’ weather.
  24. Record your feelings. How did the trip make you feel? Would you do it again?
  25. List unusual words. Write down common words that have different meanings. For example, in North America, the storage area at the back of a vehicle is called a trunk and in the UK, it’s called a boot.
  26. Document your re-entry. What was it like to return home? How much laundry and groceries and chores did you have to do?
  27. Record your recommendations. If you, or someone else were to make the same trip, what would you recommend? Restaurants? Museums? Tours?
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AmyResource: 27 Travel Journal Writing Prompts


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